A Better Life CFO offers a wide range of Business, Accounting and Personal Financial Coaching Services

A Better Life CFO offers a wide range of Business, Accounting and Personal Financial Coaching Services


Let us handle all that paperwork and properly account for it so you don’t miss anything

Financial Statement & Compliance

We will prepare those complex Balance Sheet, Income Statement, corporate return and notice to readers for the government or other internal or external compliance needs.

Tax Planning & Returns

Planning to minimize your tax burden now and in the future is a major focus for us. Taxes are a big expense in everyone's life, knowing how to minimize how much you owe both corporately and personally will help in every part of your life. We are always looking for tax planning strategies that will make the most of your money for your business and you personally. 

Business Consulting

As your CFO we will take a close look at more than just your numbers and books. We look at how your company runs and operates so you can make the most of your time and money to help your business grow. 

Business Training

As a business owner you are one of the most knowledgeable in your specific business and industry. We can help you become a better business person from growing your business and using your financial information to making better business decisions. 

Business Leadership

Having an external CFO who also has been running their own business for a number of years is a great resource to discuss a number of different business topics. None are more important and more challenging for some than leadership. We will be a great resource to bounce ideas off of or just getting general advice on anything for your business. 

Government Compliance

Hand off or get advice on how to handle all the different government requirements.

  • Corporate Tax
  • Specialized government programs

CRA Audits & Reviews

You may submit everything to the government correctly, but sometimes they like to take a closer look at your books. We can handle all government correspondence and requirements to make sure everything goes smoothly with them and you can continue to keep growing your business. 


We make the payroll process easier than ever and do it from start to finish.

  • Regular payroll
  • Source Deduction submissions
  • Employer health taxes
  • WSIB
  • Record of Employment
  • Annual T4 submission

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These services may also be of interest to you

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affording the lifestyle you want?

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Are you earning more than ever but find it never goes far enough?

Are you overwhelmed with all your debt payments?

Let The Better Life Co. take care of all your personal financial needs, so you can focus on living your better life. 

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Finishing school and starting your career?

Just married and need to learn how to manage your finances together?

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Check out how the financial coaches at ThriveU can help you create a solid financial foundation on which to build the rest of your life.

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