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“I cannot stress enough how valuable it has been working with my Better Life CFO this past year. I own a Travel Agency and as bad as you think COVID-19 has been on this Industry, I can tell you it has been worse. Working with my Better Life CFO has given me the guidance and support I have needed to make smart decisions for my business. They have been strategic and practical. Navigating banks and government supports as well as detailed plans for managing cash flow. The pandemic has gone far longer than any of us thought at the beginning and working with my Better Life CFO has allowed me to stay sane. A lot of my future and my dreams are tied into this business and I know that I will make it based on the good guidance from my Better Life CFO.”

- Rob G (Owner and Franchise Partner of Expedia Cruises)

"I have been working with The Better Life Co. on my personal finances for close to fifteen years. When I started to talk about establishing my own company again, I worked decided to with A Better Life CFO – it seemed like the perfect fit. I value having my personal and business finances managed together. But it’s more than that.  Working with my Better Life CFO advisor provides the discipline to set time aside to talk about my business from a strategic, financial and tactical standpoint. This is something that I really value as an entrepreneur. I have also found that working with A Better Life CFO has been a great sounding board for different ideas for my business such as, what is the best platform to scale and grow my business, weighing investment options, and bring my business to the next level. I look forward to the meetings because it holds me accountable for preparing for it and to come prepared so our time together is most effective. I have peace of mind that I know I have the mechanism in place to bring the financial rigour I want to my business so it becomes one less thing I need to worry about. I believe the approach my Better Life CFO and I are taking for my business will grow it to the next level."

- Dr. Vince M (writer and owner)